An underwater climate crisis capitalist romance. With a giant squid.

Flyer-with-awardsWelcome to an ocean full of plastic, giant squid, and opportunity.

Simon & Trixie work in a submersible mining station at the bottom of the sea. Their relationship is falling to pieces, but they can deal with that later. They just don’t want to be left behind in the climate crisis.

Every day, they dig up rare earth minerals which the planet needs for green batteries, electric cars, and new mobile phones. No one said going green would be easy.

It’s business as usual until they meet Archie – a giant squid. The loveable cephalopod has a lot to say about the big holes Simon and Trixie keep making in his home.

Kraken is a classic (and the only) underwater climate crisis capitalist-cephalopod romance. It’s a story about monsters, and what (or who) we’re prepared to throw away. It’s about going green but hurting the world around you. It’s about keeping up with catastrophe. It’s about wanting to love your planet, but not knowing how.

First and foremost, this is a play about what happens when a giant squid just might be your best friend. Or life partner.

Vault Festival

In March 2020, Kraken will be performed at the Vault Festival, within The Vaults, Waterloo, London. 
3rd-8th March 2020, 19:30 (+ 16:30 Matinee 8th March) 
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Creative Team 

Producer - Bradley Leech 
Writer - Skot Wilson
Director - Rebecca Hill 
Designer - James Donnelly
Sound Designer - Tingying Dong 
Lighting Designer - Anna Reddyhoff
Movement Director - Emily Crouch
Image/Poster - Jane Quan & Natasha Atherton 


Trixie - Shazia Nicholls
Simon - Jack Parry-Jones

 Shazia Nicholls, Jack-Parry Jones - KRAKEN 2020 (Unbound Productions)

Press Release 

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